Art Print Storage: Tips for Preserving Your Collection Over Time

Art Print Storage: Tips for Preserving Your Collection Over Time

Fine art prints are incredibly popular among modern-day collectors. High-quality reproductions of an artist’s original work can be almost as valuable as their source, and just as any other work of art, they require special attention. To maintain their brand-new condition through the years, you need to learn how to take care of them. That is the reason why knowing the technology behind art print storage is crucial.

Art Print Storage: Tips for Preserving Your Collection Over Time

Unframed prints

There is a difference between how you should approach the question of storing framed and unframed pieces. For example, if you have a collection of unframed prints, you should always store them flat. Put a sheet of glassine paper between each layer and avoid putting them on wood or cardboard without any protection.

You might feel like rolling up your prints is a great way to save space, but it is not always the case. Rolling up unstretched artwork for shipping or short-term storage is one thing, but in many cases, it is not a reliable long-term art print storage solution. Instead, we suggest that you get an acid-free archival case to keep your prints safe.

Framed prints

If you have framed art prints, your approach should be different. Unlike loose prints, frames cannot be stacked on top of each other — their collective weight would be too much to handle for the bottom piece. You should always store framed prints upright and separated by layers of a cushioning material that is preferably acid-free.

When handling framed artwork, you must protect both the piece and the frame. Wrap the items using high-quality packing materials and cover the corners of each frame with cardboard to prevent them from chipping or breaking over time. Then, use bubble wrap for additional safety. Finally, put your prints in sturdy cardboard boxes.

Choosing the right storage space

Now, you have to choose a storage space for your art print collection. The first solution is to find a room in your home with climate control and no leaking pipes or open vents. In addition, it must not be located in the basement or the attic or have direct sunlight. The second option is to hire a professional fine art storage service where experts will take care of your precious collection for you.

Making sure your art prints are stored correctly might seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it when you look back at your collection and find out that it has not aged a day even over decades.