Antique Storage for Manhattan Collectors: What Is the Best Option?

Antique Storage for Manhattan Collectors What Is the Best Option

Accessibility is one of the crucial factors to consider when looking for a sustainable storage solution. The ability to get their art and antiques collection back quickly encourages many collectors to opt for local storage services. However, not everyone has high-quality storage facilities close by, so some collectors choose to store their valuables at home. Let’s review these two options, focusing on the best antique storage for Manhattan collectors.

Antique Storage for Manhattan Collectors: What Is the Best Option?

At-home storage

Storing artworks at home is a trusty way of protecting art and antiques in the absence of accessible professional services. Many collectors prefer at-home storage because it can be more cost-efficient and convenient. Keeping your collection at home might seem like a more beneficial choice than enlisting expert help if done correctly. However, the convenience associated with it barely outweighs the dangerous aspects of home-based storage. Even if you are not an amateur at art handling, you are still not immune to making mistakes that can cost you your collection.

Specialized storage facilities

Options for art and antique storage for Manhattan collectors are vast. Since Manhattan is located right in the heart of New York City, the capital of the art world, one can easily find a solution that will satisfy their requirements. No matter how large, fragile, or exclusive your collection is, you will have no shortage of options. Besides, specialized storage units offer conditions that are extremely difficult to replicate in an at-home setting.

So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of at-home storage and professional facilities? On the one hand, storing your antiques at home might be a cheaper and more accessible option. On the other hand, professional storage might be a lot more suitable for collections that require special attention. A professional facility is designed to maintain the perfect temperature and humidity levels and protect all valuables from fire and theft. The price you pay for specialized antique storage includes many services integral to the safekeeping of your collection.

In case you decide to opt for professional art and antique storage services, keep in mind that Fine Art Shippers will open its new storage facility in Manhattan very soon. Contact our team at (917) 658-5075 for more information.