NYC Art Storage Cost: What Fine Art Owners Need to Know

NYC Art Storage Cost What Fine Art Owners Need to Know

Buying a valuable piece of fine art is a costly endeavor. Yet, what New York art collectors often fail to consider is the ongoing expenditures on the art collection’s maintenance. These overheads may by far exceed your initial expectations, with collectors reporting from 1-2% to 15-20% of the collection’s cost. One of the expenditure aspects you should always factor into this sum is NYC art storage cost (for NYC residents, of course).

NYC Art Storage Cost: What Fine Art Owners Need to Know

Let’s try to figure out the average NYC art storage cost and identify the factors on which the prices will depend in specific cases. Based on the open-access data about NYC storage fees, one square foot of a private storage facility in Manhattan costs from $8 to $12.5, while storage costs outside the busy NYC center will cost around $5 per square foot.

Some art storage facilities offer bulk rent packages, like, for instance, 10ft or 25ft storage options with bulk prices. Art collectors wishing to bring their storage expenditures down can also negotiate long-term storage at discounted prices or hunt for special deals and seasonal offers from storage facilities. Art storage also has seasonality, with many art collectors freeing up the storage space for the periods of art fairs and exhibitions.

Do You Generally Need Art Storage?

Many art owners believe they won’t need specialized art storage. Indeed, why would you seek one if you have only a couple of small to medium-sized paintings hanging on your walls? Yet, the storage service is highly relevant for art collectors and gallery owners with large and continually expanding art collections. If you’re, say, an owner of 100+ paintings, you’re likely to have around half of them displayed and another half – kept in a specialized storage facility most of the time, rotating the collections for visitor attraction. In this case, you’ll need to include the art storage in your annual art maintenance expenditures.

Fine Art Shippers’ Affordable and Safe Storage Unit at Your Service

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