Top 4 Reasons to Consider Using Fine Art Storage in New York

Top 4 Reasons to Consider Using Fine Art Storage in New York

Storing your fine art is a task that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need to find storage that fulfills all industry requirements in terms of security and safety. Only this way can you be confident that your precious belongings won’t deteriorate or get stolen. Those who are in search of reliable fine art storage in New York should consider services provided by Fine Art Shippers. This option comes with many gains, which we’ll discuss below.

Why Use Our Fine Art Storage in New York?

With almost three decades of experience in the fine art shipping industry, we know what good storage looks like. Here are the main reasons that make our fine art storage in New York an optimal option for you.

#1 Logistics

The main matter of our pride is the storage unit’s location in Brooklyn, NY, which makes it an ideal place for getting your artwork delivered and transferred for further shipment to local airports and the port district. Brooklyn is a well-known district with a well-developed logistics infrastructure that will make any shipment activities a breeze.

#2 Climate Control

A separate word should be said about the conditions in which your art objects are stored. The storage unit is fully climate-controlled and protected from sunlight, thus guaranteeing an optimal environment for delicate art objects. We know how important it is to keep fine art in a stable environment with the right temperature and humidity parameters, and this is what we offer in our storage.

#3 Flexibility

Many NYC providers of fine art storage services don’t allow short-term storage, opting for long-term contracts only. However, with Fine Art Shippers, you are the one who decides on the best terms for storage. We can organize both short-term and long-term stays for your valuable possessions in our unit, thus giving you ultimate flexibility in storage planning.

#4 Full-Service Spectrum

Besides giving your fine art objects safe storage for the time you need, we can organize a broad spectrum of auxiliary services, such as pick-up from your location, secure packaging for storage, and transportation to the destination point or the next point in your artwork’s journey.

As you can see, our storage checks all points in the quality and security checklist you might have for fine art storage in New York. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to discuss your storage needs and get a safe spot for your valuable belongings awaiting transit.