New York Art Exhibitions to Visit Next Week

From art shows at the most famous museums like the Museum of Modern Art and the Met to art openings at the world-known galleries, the New York art scene has always been rich and welcoming. Music and publishing, architecture, outdoor sculpture, fine art, film and video, performing arts, design – here you can find everything you want. Certainly, you don’t need to visit every art installation or gallery opening, but there are always several must-visit events you should attend while in New York. So check out our suggestions for the most significant art shows and exhibitions you don’t want to miss next week!

“A mountain made to look like a person holding a knife” by Theo Triantafyllidis

“A mountain made to look like a person holding a knife” exhibition by the Greek artist Theo Triantafyllidis is a wonderful example of contemporary art that perfectly combines computer graphics with fine art history. Inspired by the tradition of still life paintings, this unusual exhibition includes fabric renderings, 3D printed sculptures, and absolutely unique live simulation screen works based on the computer’s archiving algorithm.

Where: Sargent’s Daughters, Downtown

When: until December 18, 2016

“A Man Full of Trouble” by Alex Da Corte

This amazing art installation by the American rising star Alex Da Corte is a place where present, past, modernity, and memories reconstitute and aggregate. Inspired by Philadelphia’s history and culture, “A Man Full of Trouble” exhibition includes lots of interrelated large sculptures and other art pieces that combine some of the most iconic components from America’s colonial and post-Revolutionary periods with artist’s personal narratives of success, loss, and love.

Where: Maccarone New York, West Village

When: until December 17, 2016

“Catch As Catch Can” by Koenraad Dedobbeleer

The “Catch As Catch Can” exhibition by the Belgian artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer represents a post-minimalist, whimsical art installation built around the architecture of a cultured landscape. It includes a variety of small and large sculptures made of laminated wood, walnuts, stainless steel, concrete, canvas, rope, leather, painted metal, chrome-plated steel, spray plastic, and other materials and objects found by the artist. All come in simplified forms but with absolutely new ambitions.

Where: CLEARING, Williamsburg

When: until December 30, 2016

“The Obama Paintings” by Rob Pruitt

Since Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009, a New York-based artist Rob Pruitt has created over 2000 paintings of the President using images drawn from the news. In fact, he has a painting for every day of Obama’s Presidency. Many of them are already on view, but the most interesting thing is that this impressive collection of contemporary art is still not complete. “The Obama Paintings” is expected to comprise 2,922 paintings.

Where: Gavin Brown’s Enterprise

When: until December 18, 2016