Neon Sign Packaging: Five Layers of Safety

Neon Sign Packaging: Four Layers of Safety

Neon signs are notoriously fragile: one wrong move and the shining work of art turns into a pile of glass. When transporting neon tubes, you should treat them like century-old antiques that are about to fall apart from a gust of wind. If you buy such a sign from a local store, contemporary gallery, or auction house, you will want to find out about the five layers of safety that constitute neon sign packaging. As always, there is more than meets the eye. Continue reading to learn the secrets of safe neon lighting handling.

Neon Sign Packaging: Five Layers of Safety

Layer #1: Hiring white glove movers

White glove delivery is what you need for packaging. White glove movers are trained to provide a secure package for delicate items, so their services are right up your alley. They take into account the weight, size, and value of an object to build the right shipping crate for safe transportation.

Layer #2: Insuring neon signs

If you deal with high-dollar boards, you can try to insure them as any other glass breakables. It won’t take much time and money and will definitely ease your worries and make a package legally protected.

Layer #3: Packing of an item

Neon sign packaging is a complete ritual as movers need to pack the whole item without creating unnecessary pressure on the tubes. That’s why they often use double boxes with a lot of padding and filling materials. The mission is to pack things tightly and not let them break at the same time. Glass is extremely frail, so moving companies opt for wooden crates rather than cardboard boxes. The latter are usually used for smaller items.

Layer #4: Handling and moving the fragile freight

While moving doesn’t really refer to packaging, it is still a vital part of the whole process. Even the most neatly packed valuables can be easily broken if people don’t pay much attention to the package safety during the move.

Layer #5: Unpacking a piece

Finally, it is time to check whether the neon sign packaging was safe enough. Unpacking and installation should be implemented by the same movers. First and foremost, they should check whether there are any signs of damage. If everything is good, then accept our congratulations – a sign is ready to be installed.

If you have any questions about neon sign packaging or want to hire Fine Art Shippers as your movers, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Make sure to write down all the necessary details about your sign and contact our managers to request a quote.