Moving Luxury Home: How to Protect and Display Your Art?

Moving into the new home is never easy, especially if you have a collection of art and antiques, which requires special attention and care. Luckily, a whole range of professional fine art moving services we offer at Fine Art Shippers can make this process as simple and quick as possible.

Specializing in shipping fine art of any size and value, our team can ensure that your treasured collection is delivered to its destination without a scratch. However, safe and secure transportation is only the first step in moving luxury home. In fact, art installation and arrangement are no less important in case you want to properly protect and display your precious possessions in your new home. From picture hanging to collection management, our dedicated team of art movers in New York can easily handle this task too. To hire experienced art handlers is actually the best decision you can take when moving luxury home, so never neglect professional help from a reliable art shipping company.

Tips for Displaying Art at Home

No matter whether it comes to modern art pieces or antiques, there are several important things to consider if you want to properly protect and display them in your new home:

  • Frame your paintings, prints, and other works on paper. Moreover, consult a professional regarding the right frame and the right glass for each particular artwork.
  • Place your art out of direct sunlight as it can damage your possessions. You can use translucent protective film for your windows as an option. It is also important to keep your art out of direct draft from your ventilation system.
  • Do not hang valuable paintings over a fireplace to avoid damage from heat and smoke. Besides, it is never superfluous to install special smoke detectors when moving luxury home.
  • Rotate your art display from time to time. This will help you detect any possible problems with backing and frames.
  • Make sure that temperature and humidity levels in your home are suitable for your art. A modern climate control system is crucial if you want to preserve your collection for years to come.

In general, there are many important things to consider when moving luxury home and a collection of art in particular. Thereby, if you want your belongings to be properly protected not only in transit but also in your new home, order professional fine art services from a trustworthy company!