ME – New Poetic Album by Eva Mayer

Eva Mayer, one of the most promising Russian poets of today, has recently announced the release of her third poetic album titled “ME.” The album will be officially introduced in Russia this Friday, November 8, but we can already say with confidence that it is doomed to success.

Eva Mayer’s free verse poetry is something that you will never forget once you hear it. Her style and voice are unique. They catch the attention and capture the mind. The young poet enchanted many with her extraordinary talent when she released her first two albums, “No masks” and “The smartest,” earlier this year. However, the third poetic album by Eva Mayer is a new milestone of her creativity.

New Poetic Album by Eva Mayer

ME – New Poetic Album by Eva Mayer“ME” is a series of 24 poems on the themes of parents and children, betrayal and love, the good and the bad. The new album is much more serious as compared to Mayer’s previous works distinguished by a bright combination of the poet’s vigorous temperament and humor. It reveals the depth and power of philosophy, man’s fear of the unknown, and gives answers to many important questions about life.

“ME” is inspired by Eva Mayer’s personal experience, her ability and necessity to be independent and self-sufficient. Eva is a strong, ambitious woman and a loving mother, who does not choose an easy way out to make things more comfortable. She has achieved everything in life herself, staying committed to her principles and ideals no matter what. It is no wonder that this amazing woman has much to say and share with the world.

Eva Mayer has already had several public readings in Moscow and other cities, including a truly memorable one that took place right during her grand birthday celebration this past September. There is no doubt that the world will hear much more from this talented poet very soon.

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