Massimo De Carlo Galleries – 30 Years of Excellence

What a pleasure when your job is also your passion! This is particularly true for our team of art movers in NYC! At Fine Art Shippers, we do enjoy handling and shipping art across the world and not only because this gives us a fantastic opportunity to get acquainted with so many exceptional art pieces, but also because we are lucky to deal with so many creative people who also love what they do. What is no less important, as professional art movers in NYC, we frequently visit many international fairs and art-related events held throughout the world. For example, last month, we were in Basel, Switzerland where our team had a chance to visit the latest edition of Art Basel and many prominent art galleries and dealers showcasing modern and contemporary art at this renowned show. Let us introduce one of them – the amazing Massimo De Carlo Galleries!

Massimo De Carlo Galleries

Massimo De Carlo is one of the world’s most respected art dealers, who has been bringing Italian artists into the global arena and interesting international talents to the Italian scene for more than 30 years. For today, he has several beautiful gallery spaces in Milan, Hong Kong, and London, each distinguished by its own unique atmosphere. However, there is one thing that unites them all: an exceptional collection of contemporary art, which includes works by McArthur Binion, Jim Hodges, Olivier Mosset, Andra Ursuta, and many other talented artists. Highly recommended by our team of art movers in NYC!