Lot-Art – World’s Largest Aggregator of Art Auctions

Fine Art Shippers has been specializing in moving antiques and art for 23 years, and over this time we have established strong relationships with art business professionals from all over the country. However, our services are not limited to the United States only. For today, Fine Art Shippers has representative offices and agents in many countries worldwide, shipping and moving antiques and art for international galleries, auction houses, dealers, artists, and private collectors on an ongoing basis. This all gives us a unique opportunity to meet many creative people and get acquainted with so many interesting projects in one way or another related to art. For example, have you ever heard of Lot-Art? It is currently the largest aggregator of art auctions in the world!


Lot-Art is a unique online platform created to help professional art dealers, collectors, and enthusiasts find the most comprehensive and accurate list of upcoming, sold, and aftersale auction items in a single database. Developed by experienced collectors, it is indeed a very convenient tool to search for the best deals on rare and valuable art pieces, favorite artists and brands, museum-quality antiques, and all other collectible items. Moreover, Lot-Art offers professional art investment advisory services to help novice collectors choose the right art and antique pieces among those currently available for sale at auctions worldwide.

If you need any professional help related to moving antiques and art pieces of any type, please do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers! We will deliver your treasures safely and securely to any destination in the world!