LAPADA – The Association of Art & Antiques Dealers

Fine Art Shippers is a professional fine art shipping company working with many art and antiques dealers. Moreover, since Fine Art Shippers is also an experienced global freight forwarder, our services are not limited to the United States only. Thanks to our reliable partners in many countries worldwide, we provide our clients with a whole range of art logistics services on an international level. For example, we have a representative office in London where we offer the same packing, crating, and shipping services for art and antiques as we offer in New York. Besides, as a global freight forwarder specializing in transporting high-value items, we look forward to building new business contacts with London-based art and antiques dealers, especially members of reputable associations like LAPADA.


Established in 1974, LAPADA is currently the largest association of professional art and antiques dealers in the UK, which connects more than 500 members from around the country. These dealers can be easily recognized thanks to the golden chandelier sign that has long been a symbol of LAPADA membership. For buyers, this symbol is also a guarantee of the highest quality and authenticity of any item available for sale, no matter whether it comes to antiques or contemporary art. Plus, all LAPADA members abide by the strict Code of Practice that gives their clients confidence when they make any purchase.

As a professional fine art shipping company and global freight forwarder, we would be happy to collaborate with LAPADA association of art and antiques dealers and provide its members with any logistics services they need!