JOJO Gallery: Original Art Inspired by the Dead Sea

To buy a beautiful piece of art at the artwork online store is now as easy as never before. However, let’s be honest, to visit a gallery or artist’s studio personally is a much more exciting experience. This is especially true if you are doing this abroad. For example, if you are in Tel Aviv, Israel, you should definitely spend some time visiting local art galleries and studios to learn more about Israeli art and culture. At Fine Art Shippers, we often ship fine art to Israel, and we can say with confidence that this country has many interesting things to offer. For example, we would recommend visiting the amazing JOJO Gallery in Tel Aviv, which is located at 97 Ben Yehuda Street.

JOJO Gallery

JOJO Gallery is a gallery and artwork online store aimed at exhibiting and selling works by the talented artist Yosef Ohayon, also known as JOJO. JOJO is a contemporary Moroccan artist who has long been living near the Dead Sea in Israel. Moreover, the artist has chosen to work in the enchanted and serene desert where he creates his many original works, from paintings and sculptures to vases and furniture. Each piece of art made by JOJO represents a somewhat combination of Western contemporary art and Ethnical design approaches, which results in truly unique items that can adorn any collection. It is no wonder that JOJO’s creations appear in many galleries and design stores across the world, including in the United States, Europe, China, and Australia.

It is also impossible not to mention that in addition to JOJO Gallery in Tel Aviv and a specialized artwork online store, JOJO has a showroom in Moshav Ein-Tamar, right next to Dead Sea. It is another must-visit place in Israel highly recommended by Fine Art Shippers!