Is Sea or Air Shipping the Best Way to Send Fragile Items?

Is Sea or Air Shipping the Best Way to Send Fragile Items

It’s normal to be confused when it comes to choosing the transportation option for your valuable fine art. These objects are too delicate and fragile to take the risks and uncertainties of regular shipping. Thus, preparation is key, and you need to consider many peculiarities in the process of planning the shipping route. Let’s compare the sea and air shipping modes to see whether one of them is the best way to send fragile items.

Sea Transportation: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with shipping by sea; can it be regarded as the best way to send fragile items to another country? The greatest advantage of this option is that it’s more cost-effective for large shipments, as air freight may get too costly for heavyweight sculptures or large collections with many objects. Besides, your artwork will endure fewer physical risks that come with air turbulence and will travel in a stable environment.

The cons of sea shipping are the destination’s accessibility and duration of travel. Sea shipping is definitely longer, with some cargo spending months in the sea until they reach the destination point. Airports are also much more accessible, with many hubs available in areas with no sea access.

Air Transportation Peculiarities

When we’re discussing air transportation, the greatest bonus is the speed of transit. You can get the artwork delivered to its destination in hours, which is very convenient for urgent shipments. Second, air cargo undergoes fewer checkpoints and manual handling, which guarantees fewer risks of damage in transit. Finally, security measures are higher in airports, with more traceability and safety for fragile item shipping.

Still, the issues of price and potential turbulence may act as a bummer for those considering air transportation. That’s why it’s important to understand what shipping aspects are more significant for you. Fine art owners with large and heavy fine art cargo may find air shipping too costly and unaffordable, while those with time constraints will definitely choose air shipping.

So, Which Is the Best Way to Send Fragile Items?

As you can see from the comparison presented above, there’s no single best way to send fragile items to your point of destination. Each option comes with its pros and downsides, and the choice of your shipping mode should be based on your individual criteria and priorities. If you’re unsure about the shipping method, feel free to contact Fine Art Shippers and get a free, professional consultation on art logistics. Call us at (917) 658-5075 to discuss your shipment.