Shipping Art Overseas by Sea or by Air: Things to Consider

Shipping Art Overseas by Sea or by Air

When shipping art overseas from the US, you have to choose between two options: transportation by sea or by air. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but how do you make an informed decision? Well, whether you should opt for one method or another will depend on a series of factors. For example, you have to consider how large your item is, how far the shipping destination is, and how fast you need it to be delivered. Let’s analyze both options to help you figure out which one will suit you better.

Comparing Methods of Shipping Art Overseas

Which one is more dangerous?

Shipping art by sea is usually seen as a riskier option. While artwork damage or loss during sea transportation does not happen every day, the statistics show that something unfortunate is more likely to happen when shipping by sea than when shipping by air. However, in the past few years, this method has been significantly improved, and the chance that your art will be unsafe on the sea is low.

Which one is faster?

When it comes to shipping art overseas, an airplane is definitely a much quicker solution than a ship. For example, the relocation of a work of art from the US to Europe will take a couple of days by air, but the other option might take weeks. If you are in a rush to meet an approaching deadline, air transportation is the way to go.

Which one is cheaper?

But what about the financial side of the issue? In many cases, especially when shipping something large and bulky, sea transportation wins this category. However, if you are shipping only one small painting, there won’t be a big difference in price.

What about big collections?

If you are planning on shipping an entire exhibition, sea freight will likely be your best option. Ships are much more suitable for transporting large collections of items, both cost- and cargo space-wise. However, you have to remember that each transportation method requires different protective measures. If you are shipping museum-grade art by sea, you have to ensure that the salty air and wind have no access to your precious items.

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