Heavy Design: Shipping Furniture Made of Metal

Heavy Design Shipping Furniture Made of Metal

When people hear about metal furniture, they usually imagine something visually close to cold and strict Brutalism or Bauhaus. However, the properties and characteristics of metal allow enthusiastic designers, sculptors, and architects to give their creations unimaginable shape and consistency. If you happen to visit an auction house, you might be interested in buying some luxurious steel, iron, or aluminum tables, chairs, stools, and chiffoniers. While weight is definitely a major factor in shipping furniture, there are other nuances of transportation that you should know.

Why Is Metal Furniture Hard to Ship?

The obvious answer to the question is weight, which is true. At this point, we are not talking about pieces that just have some metal parts in them. We call it metal furniture when the bigger part of the composition consists of metals and their alloys. The tricky part is that designers tend to use a variety of materials, with steel and aluminum being the most popular options nowadays. Professional handlers who are responsible for shipping furniture should be aware of the type of metal and finish used in transported items. “Why?” you might ask.

Every type of metal is unique and has distinct physical properties that help a shipping company treat it accordingly. High durability doesn’t essentially mean that you can’t damage a surface and protection of an object, which will most likely lead to aesthetic and corrosion problems. That’s why specialists use heavy-duty packing materials to protect every part of a piece. With the right approach and skills, shipping furniture made of metal can become a lesser problem.

To solve “heavy” problems, you need high-caliber professionals that have dealt with metal furniture in the past. If you are looking for one right now, you are in the right place at the right time.

Shipping Furniture with Fine Art Shippers

Shipping furniture is one of Fine Art Shippers’ services, and our team is trained and skilled to fulfill such responsibilities. Moreover, our motivated handlers know how to care about all types of materials, be it bronze or high carbon steel. We also have a long experience working with auction houses around the US, so you shouldn’t worry about the post-bidding process. If you have questions about our services or you want to try shipping furniture with Fine Art Shippers, we will be glad to hear from you. Please use a free shipping quote on our website or email us at info@fineartshippers.com.