International Fine Art Shipping Companies and Their Key to Success

International Fine Art Shipping Companies and Their Key to Success

International art logistics is a huge industry that includes many elements. Navigating such a complex process as international art shipping requires years of professional training and knowledge. Needless to say, becoming the best of the best in this highly competitive environment is not simple. Nevertheless, some art logistics companies can proudly count themselves as the best service providers on the market. To give you an insight into the industry, here are some features that all successful international fine art shipping companies have in common.

International Fine Art Shipping Companies and Their Key to Success


While flexibility is important in providing any service, it is absolutely crucial in fine art logistics. But what does this term entail? The truth is flexibility can include a variety of qualities, from knowing how to satisfy the needs of a client to being able to adjust plans in case of emergency. The more responsive you are to sudden changes, the easier it will be for you to stay on top and continuously perform well at what you do. While international fine art shipping is all about deadlines and rules (otherwise, disastrous consequences will follow), accidents happen more often than you might think. It is the job of professional fine art handlers to quickly come up with effective solutions.

Comprehensive services

International fine art shipping companies do way more than deliver art across the world. Art transportation includes a series of steps, all of which must be performed by experts with utmost precision. Packing and installation are some of the most common services art logistics companies provide. Plus, international transportation regulations can be very strict for works of art and other objects of cultural significance. Hence, international art shippers handle things like documentation, the bane of the existence of anyone who has ever tried to ship anything overseas.

Connections with other companies

When it comes to shipping art across the world, two art logistics companies are usually involved in the process. That is why art shippers must strive to build strong connections with their colleagues overseas to be successful. Having partners in as many countries as possible is a great advantage in ensuring the safety of artworks at every step of the way.

Here at Fine Art Shippers, we pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients’ needs and wishes, providing a full spectrum of art transportation-related services, and having strong connections with our international partners. We are always happy to help you ship your valuables anywhere in the world or the United States.