Fine Art Fair Logistics: Services Provided by Fine Art Shippers

Fine Art Fair Logistics

An art fair is an event that probably every gallery owner, collector, and art dealer looks forward to. Indeed, it is a great opportunity to explore new or previously unknown artworks, learn new names of talented artists, exchange ideas, connect, and network. However, preparing for this type of event, especially managing fine art fair logistics, is a challenging task. To help you not get lost in all the documentation and coordination, Fine Art Shippers offers art fair services in New York and beyond. 

Fine Art Fair Logistics: How to Make It Smooth and Easy 

A fine art shipping company plays a crucial role in fine art fair logistics. Its expertise in handling and transporting valuable artwork ensures the safe and secure transit of pieces from artists, galleries, and dealers to the show venue and back.

So, once you’ve outlined your art fair goals and objectives, it’s time to contact a reliable art shipping company like Fine Art Shippers. Our team of professional art handlers can coordinate the transportation of artwork and ensure proper packing and handling.

We offer custom-designed packaging based on the size, medium, and fragility of each piece. When transporting artworks by our specialized art shuttles, we often use soft packaging (e.g., kraft bubble, foam, art plastic, acid-free paper, cardboard), but for the most valuable and fragile pieces, we can also fabricate custom wooden crates to perfectly protect the items from external influences and changes in temperature and humidity.

Once all packed artworks are carefully loaded into the vehicle, we deliver them to their destination quickly and on time. Our interstate art shipping trucks are specially designed for fine art transportation, which means a reliable locking system in the trunk, climate control, air ride suspension, and the ability for real-time tracking.

As a result, all items are delivered safely to an art fair location. There, our team can unpack and install the artworks according to the booth layout if needed. We also check that the artworks are well secured and ready for the show. At the end of the event, Fine Art Shippers also offers assistance with the dismantling and repacking of unsold pieces.

If you are looking for experts in fine art fair logistics, hiring Fine Art Shippers is the right choice. Request a free quote using the form on our website or simply call us at (917) 658-5075.