Fine Art Shippers: International Art Shippers You Can Trust

Fine Art Shippers International Art Shippers You Can Trust

Have you ever wondered how paintings, statues, or, sometimes, entire exhibitions tour from country to country while remaining in perfect condition? International art shippers are the ones who take care of the logistics from start to finish. Overseas transportation is stressful for all parties involved because it includes a lot of preparation to ensure everything goes smoothly. With international shipping, third parties participation is inevitable, which can be an additional source of worry for the client. Fortunately, Fine Art Shippers is a company that approaches every issue with utmost responsibility.

Why Hire Expert International Art Shippers?

So what is the role of international art shippers in artwork transportation? First of all, a fine art shipping company will be there with you throughout the entire journey, so you will never have to worry about figuring out the logistics on your own.

The least exciting part of any process is, undeniably, paperwork. Professional art shipping companies, including Fine Art Shippers, can assist you with import/export documentation. When this stage is complete, the company will arrange a pick-up of your artwork and carefully pack it according to the highest industry standards.

Further on, there are usually two options you can pick: shipping by sea or shipping by air. While air transit is a great and efficient way to transport your pieces to the other side of the world within just a couple of days, sometimes, shipping by sea is the only option. This is particularly true if you need to ship massive objects such as large sculptures, monuments, and installations. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured that your precious possessions are completely safe in our storage while waiting for transit.

If you are looking for experienced international art shippers, consider contacting Fine Art Shippers. We have already worked with many galleries, museums, and private clients internationally and locally and have helped them ship numerous artworks across the globe.

Apart from overseas transportation, Fine Art Shippers also offers art shipping services across the US. Our regular art shuttles are a perfect solution for those who want their priced collection of artworks to be delivered quickly and safely anywhere in the country. We are more than happy to provide you with any information you require to help you make an informed decision.