Hydrop – Functional Nano-Cosmetics for Footwear & Apparel


Art is not only about painting and sculpture. Art can actually take any form, shape, and expression. Innovative technology is also an art that makes our lives much easier and more interesting in many ways. From self-driving cars to space suits keeping humans alive in outer space, cutting-edge technologies make miracles that we could not even imagine several decades ago. Moreover, innovative products appear every day in all existing fields, so it is important not to miss those that can greatly facilitate your life. For example, have you heard of functional nano-cosmetics for footwear and apparel from Hydrop? If not, you should learn about them now.

Nano-Cosmetics for Footwear & Apparel from Hydrop

Founded by Marina Ross and Andrey Grunin in 2013, Hydrop is a Moscow-based company engaged in research and production activities in the field of functional nano-coatings. Aimed at making it easier to care for apparel and footwear while keeping the products safe for the users of any age, Hydrop is known for its innovative and functional nano-cosmetics creating invisible protection against moisture and liquid pollution. All of the nano-coatings produced by the company are highly resistant, environmentally friendly, and distinguished by a unique composition approved by Moscow State University, the Innovation Center “Skolkovo,” and the Technology Transfer Center of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) and RUSNANO. For its innovations, Hydrop won Forbes Startups Competition in 2015.

Hydrop – Functional Nano-Cosmetics for Footwear & Apparel

Functional nano-cosmetics for footwear and apparel are not the only products introduced by Hydrop. The company also produces filtering face masks for adults and kids. Moreover, Hydrop has designed a series of face masks for Lamborghini, a world-known Italian manufacturer of luxury sports cars. Marina Ross, Co-Founder of Hydrop, even took part in the test drive of Lamborghini Huracan EVO, trying both the new supercar and Hydrop face mask in action.

Check out Hydrop website to learn more about the company’s innovative products and how they can change your life for the better.

Photo courtesy of Hydrop