How to Store Large Sculptures and Delicate Antique Statues?

3D large art pieces, like sculptures and antique statues, have special moving and storage requirements that depend on the material they are made from. However, there are three main things you should take into consideration in any case: art storage space, sturdy containers, and the possibility of climate control.

1. Art storage space. The main rule is to have enough space around any large fine art object. The more fragile item is, the more free space it requires. The fact is that cramped spaces may create the risk of chipping, cracking, denting, bending, and other damage. This is especially true for large art pieces made from paper mache, clay, textiles, and other fragile materials.

2. Sturdy containers. Protect large sculptures and other art pieces by putting a felt, plastic, or paper barrier between the object and the floor. For smaller items, you can use non-porous art storage racks with movable shelving. If it is possible, order custom-made ones for the proper accommodation of your art collection. In addition, cover all the objects to prevent dust collecting.

3. Climate control. Humidity and heat levels are crucial for the long life of your precious possessions; thereby, the possibility of climate control is extremely important. In this way, basements and garages are a very bad idea! The best option is to use a professional art storage facility able to care about all types of artwork and collections. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Fine Art Shippers – we will be happy to save your priceless investments!