How to Ship Pottery Safely: 5 Quick and Effective Tips for 2022

How to Ship Pottery Safely: 5 Quick and Effective Tips for 2022

Pottery is one of the oldest human inventions. Originated many centuries ago, ceramic techniques are still being applied and improved nowadays. If you are a pottery lover and you love visiting ceramic and pottery stores, sooner or later, you might feel the need to ship your belongings somewhere else. Delivery of such delicate items has a lot of nuances that you need to be aware of. How to ship pottery safely, and what shipping strategy should you choose? Find the answers below.

How to Ship Pottery Safely: Five Quick and Effective Tips for 2022

1. Prepare a lot of packing materials

Honeycomb paper, bubble wrap, and packing peanuts are not the complete list of packing materials you can use to pack a parcel with pottery. Always protect the edges and be careful with thin parts of your handiwork.

2. Don’t leave an empty room

Leaving space between your piece and a box inside is dangerous because it allows an object to move. After filling the container, close the box and shake it a few times. That is how you know everything is safe.

3. Use brand-new boxes

Use only new corrugated cardboard boxes if you want to ensure maximum safety. It is also recommended that you use two boxes that overall can make the entire package more secure.

4. Consider shipping insurance if needed

If your pottery is expensive or very fragile, you should consider paying for insurance services. It is especially important if you do this for the first time and you don’t know how to ship pottery safely.

5. Find a reliable shipping company

When the box with pottery is sealed and labeled, you need to contact shippers. The best option would be a company that has packed and shipped pottery pieces before. That being the case, you can entrust your works to our professional team.

Fine Art Shippers would be glad to help you with shipping your ceramics, pottery, and porcelain. We know how to ship pottery safely and can do it without making you wait.