How to Ship Oil Paintings from Detroit to New York


From underground galleries to world-class museums to incredible public art, Detroit’s art scene is flourishing. Filled with creative energy, the city offers numerous art experiences that attract art lovers and collectors from around the country. However, these days, you do not actually need to visit Detroit in person to acquire some quality art from local artists, galleries, and auction houses. You can easily do it online. The only question is how to get your newly acquired pieces home. For example, do you know how to ship oil paintings from Detroit to New York? We have a solution for you!

How to Ship Oil Paintings from Detroit to New York

Fine Art Shippers has a wide network of art shuttles that cover almost the entire United States. Starting in New York, they go to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland, Albuquerque, Dallas, Kansas City, Atlanta, Miami, Washington, DC, Boston, and many other cities. Our shuttles also go to Denver and Chicago, with a stop in Detroit. This is where our services may come in handy.

At Fine Art Shippers, we know how to ship oil paintings and other artworks safely and securely and can help you get your new acquisitions home quickly and without much hassle. Our team can visit any location in Detroit – be it an artist studio, private residence, or gallery – to pick up your items. We also specialize in auction shipping and can pick up art and antiques from any auction house in Detroit, including DuMouchelle Art Galleries that is one of the best fine art auction houses in this part of the country.

Our art shuttle services are flexible and reliable, and they are available at very competitive rates. Now that you know how to ship oil paintings and other art pieces from Detroit to New York, feel free to contact our team. Fine Art Shippers is always ready to help!