How to Ship Ceramics: Tips from an Art Shipping Company

How to Ship Ceramics

Ceramics is something that can be found in almost any home. The fact is that there are billions of ceramic items to fit any taste. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, which means that everyone can easily find ceramics that will serve them for a long time and become a beautiful addition to their home decor. But how to ship ceramics safely if you are moving and want to take your valuable collection with you? Here are some important tips on how you can prepare your ceramics for the big move.

How to Ship Ceramics Like a Pro?

1. Pick the right box

When thinking about how to ship ceramics safely, start with choosing proper packaging. You will need a box that is not too big and not too small — pick the one that is just the right size so that there are a few inches left between the piece and the walls of the box. It also might be better to choose a wooden crate instead of a standard cardboard box.

2. Fill the box with cushioning material

Remember when we told you to leave spare space in the box? Now, it’s time to fill it with cushioning material. But do NOT use scrunched newspapers. They do not have the texture and elasticity to protect your breakables in case of a fall. Packing peanuts are not the best choice as well. Even though they might seem like the perfect cushioning material, they sometimes leave oily marks on the glazed sides of the ceramic items. Instead, use bubble wrap or styrofoam sheets to fill in the space.

3. Restrict movement inside the box

Now that you have filled the box, make sure there is no room for the ceramic item to move around. If you are packing a pot or a cup, it is a good idea to secure it inside a cardboard box. ‘Freezing’ your ceramics in place is essential in preventing damage.

4. Label your box

It is crucial to label the bottom and top of your shipping box. You also have to mark that the content is fragile so that the movers know that it should be treated gently.

We hope now you know a little more about how to ship ceramics safely. Remember that opting for a professional art moving service is a great way to ensure the relocation process goes smoothly.