How to Ship Artwork from NYC to Tokyo?

Shipping fine art over a long distance is not an easy task; however, shipping fine art to another country is even a bigger challenge. There are so many things that may go wrong during the transportation process, from long customs delays to damaging effects of extreme temperatures and drastic changes in humidity, and you should think about all of them ahead! So the question is, how to ship artwork, let’s say from NYC to Tokyo, safely and securely? Moreover, how to ship artwork so that it arrives at the destination on time? There is only one right answer: you need to hire a reliable fine art moving company for this job!

International art shipping services

Fine Art Shippers is one of the best art moving companies in New York City, and we know exactly how to ship artwork overseas! Moreover, our international art shipping services do not have any size or weight limitations, and we can successfully ship everything, from small drawings and paintings to huge sculptures and public art installations. Besides, we have reliable partners in many Asian countries, which allows us to serve reputable galleries, auction houses, collectors, and artists based in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and other destinations all over Asia. So whether it comes to shipping a single oil painting or an entire exhibition from NYC to Tokyo, Fine Art Shippers is the right place to come for help!

Tokyo International Art Fair 

At Fine Art Shippers, we are also proficient in shipping fine art to the international exhibitions and various art-related shows and events happening around the world, including the renowned Tokyo International Art Fair, the next edition of which will be held on 07-08 June 2019 at Belle Salle Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. Featuring paintings, sculptures, multimedia works, illustration, photography, and a whole range of other art pieces by top and award-winning artists, it is definitely a must-visit event for all collectors and art aficionados. At Fine Art Shippers, we know how to ship artwork from NYC to this important modern and contemporary art fair, and we will be happy to do it for you next year!

Finally, it is impossible not to mention that shipping fine art with Fine Art Shippers is not only safe and convenient but also affordable because all our services are very competitively priced. Do not hesitate to request a shipping quote or simply contact our team for a free consultation!

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