How to Ship a Mirror in Line with Professional Standards?

How to Ship a Mirror in Line with Professional Standards?

Mirrors are delicate items of interior décor that require special treatment. Things get even more complicated if you need to have your expensive, fragile mirror shipped from one location to another. This procedure requires special packing and handling to guarantee the mirror’s intactness. Here, we cover the essentials of safe mirror handling to inform you how to ship a mirror risk-free.

Preparatory Steps

The first step in getting your mirror ready for shipment is its packaging. You should use professional, acid-free packaging materials to cover all surfaces and corners. Apply a sturdy mirror box or a cardboard box to fix the object, use packing tape and bubble wrap to stabilize it inside the container, and use foam or cardboard corner protectors to avoid chips or scratches during transportation. You may also add Styrofoam sheets or panels if the object is large and heavy, requiring extra protection.

Don’t forget to clean the mirror before packaging so that there is no dust or dirt on the surface. Use special film or put painter’s tape on the mirror’s surface in a crisscross form to prevent glass shattering or movement inside the box in case it breaks.

Shipping Considerations

How to ship a mirror without safety risks and concerns? We recommend partnering with professionals to ensure that you’ve taken all tiny aspects into account. Additional safety precautions during shipment include insurance for your valuable asset. Choose the insurance policy that adequately covers the risks your mirror may encounter in the process of transit, and forget about sleepless nights.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

If your mirror needs to travel a long distance or cross the country’s border (or even several borders), you should put it into a custom crate. Wooden crates protect glass the best, as they are sturdy containers with a firm fixation of the content inside a well-protected frame.

Still Not Sure about How to Ship a Mirror? Fine Art Shippers Can Help

Even with all these safety recommendations and tips at your disposal, you may be unsure about whether you can handle the task on your own. Don’t ignore your doubts; it’s better to entrust the shipping procedure to professionals.

The team of Fine Art Shippers is always ready to assist you with this responsible task. We’ve successfully moved a large antique Moroccan mirror for a client in Florida and packaged mirrors for transportation and storage for numerous other customers. We can handle your mirror with full regard to industry standards to guarantee its safe trip.