How to Send Parcel Overseas?

Moving to another place is always a small disaster, especially for those who have many belongings. Transportation of furniture and other items may need so much time and effort that sometimes, it is better to leave some of them in the old house. However, you would definitely not want to leave such things as, for example, antique furniture, pieces of art, and different valuable items. In this case, one should think about how to relocate all these belongings safely. Professional art handling services can help you both send parcel overseas to transport small items and organize shipment of large objects if necessary.

Send Parcel Overseas: The Stages of Relocation

It is very difficult to transport big items by yourself because you need a lot of time to prepare all your belongings. You can easily send parcel overseas if you have some small valuable items. However, if you want to ship large objects, you should know what to do:

  • Measure dimensions and weight of all necessary items.

The very first thing to prepare your items is to take all their dimensions and weigh them. It is necessary to learn what package you will need for them, and how much money their relocation will cost.

  • Make high-quality photos of your belongings from different angles.

You should have good professional photos before sending your furniture and valuable items to another country so that to check their condition after the transportation. If any mechanical damages are made, you may get insurance compensation.

  • Appraisal.

This procedure is extremely important if you want to relocate valuable items overseas. It is impossible to get insurance without learning the appraised value of a certain item. Therefore, take care of it in advance because this step requires time and money.

  • Insurance.

Although insurance increases the price of transportation, it is impossible to go without it if you ship antique furniture, paintings, sculptures, and other pieces of art. Any damages will be covered by insurance compensations, so you will have enough money for restoration.

  • Package.

This is the last obligatory step of preparation for relocation. It is impermissible to relocate any item to another country without the package, especially if we are talking about something valuable for you.

You may always send parcel overseas on your own if you have some small items to transport. However, if you plan to ship large items, it may be challenging for you to cope with all the above-mentioned procedures. Therefore, it is much better to delegate this task to a professional shipping company like Fine Art Shippers, whose specialists may help you with each step of the shipment. With their help, you may be sure that all your valuable items are delivered safely.