How to Protect Your Art When Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn?

Moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn

Have you ever received your artwork only to find out that it was broken, damaged, or completely destroyed in transit? After spending so much time and money to choose the perfect painting for the room, the last thing you want is to open up a broken mess. Therefore, proper packing is absolutely essential, no matter whether you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn or to another state.

Fine Art Shippers would like to share with you some useful tips on how to protect your art and make the process of moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn perfectly safe, fairly easy, and totally painless.

Carefully wrap your artwork

If your artwork isn’t covered with glass, it is important to protect its fragile surface. A comprehensive solution is to wrap each painting in special paper and then several layers of bubble wrap. The wrap will prevent serious damage to the artwork’s surface even if something happens in transit.

Comprehensive packaging

Put your wrapped piece of art inside the cardboard box and/or the crate (for large, heavy, and highly valuable items) of the proper size. A container prevents items from physical damage, as well as from moisture and temperature instability.

Sculptures and antiques

Due to a whole range of special shipping requirements for sculptures and antiques, even a local relocation may pose a radical challenge. Such bulky and at the same time fragile items must be extra protected when moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn, so cover them in more bubble and wrap them additionally with moving blankets.

Small parts

Some artworks consist of loose or removable parts. In such cases, every single piece must be packed separately and accordingly to its special features. Besides, keep an extra eye on too tiny items because they are more likely to be lost in transit.


Labeling boxes when moving or shipping your items is probably one of the most underestimated tasks. Always label your boxes with the information that includes your name, general description of the content, and special unpacking requirements if needed. Labeling is especially important when you ship extremely fragile and valuable items.

Professional help

If you would like to avoid taking unnecessary risks, you should ask for expert help. Fine Art Shippers is a professional international company that provides fine art shipping, packing, handling, installation, and insurance services of any kind. Whether you are moving from Manhattan to Brooklyn or to another state, we would be happy to help. Perfect service and support are our “secret sauce.”