How to Protect Furniture When Moving: Last-Minute Safety Tips

How to Protect Furniture When Moving: Last-Minute Safety Tips

There are two types of people in this world: those who love moving and those who hate it with a passion. Both groups see the entire process differently but have to do the same thing – try to make a move as stress-free and smooth as possible. Unfortunately, challenges are inherent to any transportation, which is why professional movers exist. Furniture is among the most troublesome kind of freight that you need to deal with. If your moving day is just around the corner, but things have got a little out of hand, below, you will find some last-minute safety tips on how to protect furniture when moving.

How to Protect Furniture When Moving: Last-Minute Safety Tips

Empty wardrobes

What can be easier than emptying the wardrobes and transporting the content of all drawers in tables, dressers, armories, and chests separately? Carrying a piece full of items that together weigh a ton is simply irrational unless you want to inflict back pain or you don’t really care about movers. Clothes, linen, dishes, and appliances should go in boxes.

Disassemble oversized and heavy pieces

The bigger and heavier an object is, the more problems you will have with packing and moving it. Not only is it a trial for a musculoskeletal system, but also the game “don’t bump a corner.” Everyone who tries to answer the question of how to protect furniture when moving should be most concerned about the width of doorways in a house.

Ship glass parts in separate packages

Whether you want to pack and move a cheval mirror, a glass table, or some antique vase, you will need to keep them apart from other objects or at least on top of everything else. Such fragile pieces of furniture are very susceptible to damage and can be easily broken because of a tiny mistake. More than that, you might want to hire white glove movers to deliver glass objects separately if there are many of them.

Follow the right placement order

This tip seems obvious, but it is usually ignored when people start filling a truck with packed objects. At this stage, what matters most is whether you have a placement plan. The proper organization of items inside the truck helps you and furniture movers effectively handle the process. Besides, it is an important safety measure that prevents objects from breaking.

If you are still wondering how to protect furniture when moving a house, you can contact Fine Art Shippers to ask questions and request our moving services if needed.