How to Pack a Mirror with a Stand So It Doesn’t Break?

How to Pack a Mirror with a Stand So It Doesn’t Break?

A mirror with a stand, or just a cheval mirror, is not only a worthy but also functional addition to your interior design. Unlike hanging or built-in pieces, it can swivel, as its angle is adjustable, which allows you to view yourself from head to toe. That is to say nothing of a decorative touch it adds to a bedroom or dressing room. At the same time, this spectacular piece of furniture has the characteristic inherent to almost all other mirrors – it is infamously fragile and can be easily broken if handled without following safety rules. So, how to pack a mirror with a stand and keep it safe during the trip?

How to Pack a Mirror with a Stand: Safety Rules and Tips to Know

Pre-packing preparations

Before you even think of starting a packaging process, you should be well aware of anything good and bad that can happen while you are wrapping your item. First, think of the quantity and quality of materials you need to secure your mirror. Check your list: cardboard, packing tape, Styrofoam or bubble wrap, plastic corner protectors, the mirror box of the appropriate size, and some fragile and glass labels. This pack of supplies should be enough if you know how to pack a mirror without fuss.

Protecting a glass

Glass is a massive, important, and dangerous part of the mirror, so let’s start with it. If something nasty happens and it breaks, a myriad of small shards will scatter across the room. That’s why you need to tape an X across the surface. After that, measure the glass (ignore the frame) and cut a piece of cardboard of that size. You will need to attach that sheet to the glass by tapping it to the frame. Repeat the same procedure with the bubble wrap or Styrofoam.

Protecting a frame

When people wonder how to pack a mirror, they often forget about a frame. Don’t skip that part and add corner protectors to ensure the safety of the edges of the piece. This will lead you to the final stage of the whole packing process. Wrap the whole object with a moving blanket or additional layers of padding material. If you put it into a box, make sure there is no free space between a container and a packed mirror. Finally, use your fragile and glass labels to notify movers that the content of the box can transform into a piece of nothing when handled without care.

Final touches

All that is left is to wait for professional furniture movers, explain how you packed a mirror, and wish them a safe road. It’s best when the package is transported separately from other bulky items, so make sure it is comfy inside a truck.