How to Properly Take Care of Your Porcelain Doll Collection

How to Properly Take Care of Your Porcelain Doll Collection

Antique porcelain dolls are not just toys; for many people, they are part of the family heritage. Collectors dedicate a lot of time, energy, and money to finding pieces that belong to specific historical periods. Porcelain dolls can be worth a lot for their uniqueness and historical value. Learning how to care for them can be challenging, but it is essential to make sure that your precious antiques stay in good condition for many years to come. Read this article for tips on how to maintain your porcelain doll collection.

How to Handle a Porcelain Doll Collection

Wear gloves

Be very careful when touching your porcelain doll collection. Even if you wash your hands, oils on your skin can still stain the antique porcelain and doll’s clothes. Always use soft cotton gloves when handling your dolls, especially if they are collectible.

Get rid of dust

If your porcelain dolls collect dust, you can brush them off with a soft feather duster. Including dusting your collectibles into your maintenance routine might save you from having to deep-clean them. Vacuuming your collection is not recommended, as it can tangle and damage your dolls’ hair.

Store your dolls safely

Never put your dolls close to windows — direct sunlight and extreme temperatures can damage the porcelain and even cause it to crack. It is better to keep porcelain dolls in the boxes they originally came in. Alternatively, you can buy a doll case that will protect your valuable pieces from outside influences.

Brush your dolls’ hair

Just like humans, porcelain dolls need their hair to be brushed from time to time. However, only straight hair should be brushed. If your doll has curls, it is better to gently detangle them. Be careful not to rip it and don’t use water near the hairline. Porcelain dolls have their wigs secured with glue that might become loose from moisture.

Hopefully, caring for your porcelain doll collection does not feel difficult anymore. Whether you are a seasoned collector or you have just bought your first antique doll, remember that every collectible deserves your time and attention. You will thank yourself in the future, and your pieces will last a very long time. All it takes is a little love and just a couple of minutes.