Why Expert Antique Shippers Are Collector’s Best Friends

Why Expert Antique Shippers Are Collectors Best Friends

Collecting antiques is a luxury hobby that requires dedication and patience. Searching for original and rare works of art is not easy, but hard work pays off. Besides, finding an antique piece of your dreams at an auction or a vintage market is a wonderful feeling. Antiques are perfect collectibles for those who want to own unique pieces of art. Moreover, an antique item can carry historical, cultural, and sentimental value. For that reason, it is extremely important to treat your antique collection with great care. When experienced fine art collectors want to ensure the safety of their valuables during transportation, they hire expert antique shippers. But what are the real advantages of opting for professional help?

Reasons why expert antique shippers are collector’s best friends

  • Safety

If you choose services provided by professional antique shippers, you will not need to worry about your precious works of art getting ruined during transit. We prioritize the safety of your valuables above all else. Fine Art Shippers offers top-shelf packing services, and we always customize our approach to fit your requirements. Our cross-country art shuttles are equipped with air suspension and climate-control systems and are designed specifically for carrying fragile and damageable pieces. We also partner with a trustworthy insurance company and will help you choose an insurance plan that is suitable for your situation.

  • Efficiency 

Long-distance transit is often stressful to plan, and sometimes, you might feel like you cannot control what happens to your package while it is on the road. Our art trucks are perfect for long-distance transportation of antique items — they will deliver your artwork quickly and safely to its destination. Apart from our cross-country shuttles, we also handle shipping outside of the US. In recent years, we have successfully transported numerous antiques to Hong Kong, London, Berlin, Seoul, Paris, and many other places abroad.

  • Reliability

Fine Art Shippers is an art logistics company based in NYC, which has been providing high-quality services for over 25 years. We have extensive experience dealing with highly respectable clients, including galleries, museums, auction houses, artists, and private collectors. We regularly share our art shipping adventures with the world, down to the details of the process. Our company works with a handful of trusted experts who have been in the field for many decades and take great pride in what they do.

Fine Art Shippers is a company with numerous satisfied clients worldwide. As professional antique shippers, we strongly believe that every piece of art, contemporary or ancient, deserves to be treated with respect. Contact us directly for more information on the services we offer.