How to Pack Glass for Shipping? A Tiffany Painted Glass Door Case

How to Pack Glass for Shipping? A Tiffany Painted Glass Door Case

Handling glass art is a very gentle job that only seasoned professionals can perform. Glass is so fragile that even the slightest impact can ruin eternal art. So, whenever you plan to ship glass artwork, you need to have a clear answer to the question, “How to pack glass for shipping?” It’s a meticulous task that should be entrusted to experts with hands-on experience and a sharp eye for detail. To illustrate the intricacies of this process, let’s cover our recent case of shipping a rare item – painted glass windows by Tiffany that were later converted into doors.

Painted Glass Door Delivery from Selkirk Auctions

The team of Fine Art Shippers was recently engaged in a demanding and exciting task of shipping painted glass art from Selkirk Auctions in St. Louis, MO, to Alexander City, AL. The creative product of the New York Tiffany Studios, the 1902 Lottie G. Merrell Memorial Window was produced in 1902 and installed in the Congregational Church of St. Louis. The artwork is titled “My Peace I Give Upon You”; it depicts Jesus outstretching his arms to a praying boy next to two shepherds.

This one-of-a-kind artwork was later converted into a pair of doors. In 2024, it was sold at Selkirk and had to travel to its new owner who ordered the shuttle delivery service from Fine Art Shippers. We packed the glass doors in soft materials, using foam and moving blankets to avoid the risk of scratches or surface damage. Given the complexity of handling painted glass, we chose a t-frame as a safe transportation container. When you think about how to pack glass for shipping, please note that t-frames are always a good option for the domestic shipping of glass and mirrors, provided they are transported by a specialized art shuttle. In other cases, you will likely need a custom wooden crate.

How to Pack Glass for Shipping? A Tiffany Painted Glass Door Case

We Know How to Pack Glass for Shipping

Painted glass is too fragile to entrust its shipping to chance. By partnering with Fine Art Shippers, you get a professional and experienced team of art handlers at your service, ready to cover all your needs with utmost regard to safety and integrity.

Contact us to discuss your artwork’s trip – we can guarantee its end-to-end security in domestic and international shipments due to thorough packaging and safe handling at all stages of transportation. We can execute safe domestic shipping of glass art in t-frames or complete the full packaging and crating procedure to prepare your artwork for overseas travel.