Art Packing and Crating: Professional Standards and Guidelines

Art Packing and Crating

Fine art is a delicate category of objects that require meticulous handling at all stages of their shipment and relocation. Only experienced specialists know how to hang a fine art object on the wall or stand so that it suffers zero risk of falling, take the paintings off the walls, and prepare them for transit. That’s why professional art packing and crating services are an essential part of any fine art moving procedure, and you should never ignore them to keep your belongings safe and sound. Here is the breakdown of safe packaging a professional fine art shipper should always follow.

Correct Packaging of Artwork

Experts believe that choosing the right packaging techniques and materials for an art object is already half the success of its secure shipping. That’s why it’s important to provide art movers with information about the type of art you are going to ship, its medium, dimensions, age, and condition. A carefully weighed decision can be made based on these factors. Next, the team of art handlers will arrive at your location to perform comprehensive, secure packaging with acid-free materials for further transportation of your possessions.

To Crate or Not to Crate?

The rule of thumb is to perform a safe, careful packaging procedure using quality materials for fine art objects. In many cases, a wooden crate is not needed, as soft packaging is more than enough for secure domestic transit of your belongings by specialized art shuttles. However, some situations require custom crating; it is a must for delicate three-dimensional objects, those made of vulnerable materials (like glass or marble), and items prepared for international shipping.

In these cases, professional art handlers should create a custom crate for the ultimate protection of all art objects throughout their journeys. At Fine Art Shippers, we typically perform safe soft packaging at your location and then complete the crating procedure in our warehouse, getting your objects ready for further transit, though onsite crating is also possible.

Entrust Art Packing and Crating to Fine Art Shippers

You should never agree to anything less than professional, safe handling of your precious art objects. That’s why Fine Art Shippers is a great option for ordering art packing and crating services. With three decades of flawless, committed service under our belts, we can guarantee full compliance with professional standards that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Contact us at (917) 658-5075 to learn how we can help with your artwork shipment.