How to Pack and Ship a Sculpture of a Bizarre Shape?

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Whether you are an art collector, gallery owner, or artist, you are likely to face many challenges when transporting sculptures to another location, especially over a long distance. Sculpture transportation has never been easy, and this applies not only to bulky and oversized pieces but also to smaller ones with odd shapes. Such sculptures are usually surprisingly delicate and, therefore, require a special approach to handling and packing. So how to pack and ship a sculpture of a bizarre shape?

How to Pack and Ship a Sculpture of a Bizarre Shape?

Different artworks require different packing techniques. However, there are still several common steps for most packaging methods. For example, paintings and sculptures are often wrapped in bubble wrap and then packed in durable boxes with cushioning. Well, this may work in many cases, but not all. If you are going to ship a sculpture of a bizarre shape, you will need another approach.

Some fragile, odd-shaped sculptures require additional fixation inside the box, even if they are moved across the town. Unfortunately, there is no unified procedure for packing such pieces, which means only one thing – you need to hire professional art handlers able to ensure that your sculpture arrives at the destination in its perfect condition. Only people with considerable experience in the field can come up with the right solution and properly secure your artwork inside the box, providing it with all the needed fixations so that it does not move in transit.

How to Pack and Ship a Sculpture of a Bizarre Shape

In case you need to ship a sculpture interstate or internationally, you will also require a wooden crate with a custom interior designed specifically for your artwork. Only if your piece is professionally packed, secured, and crated in a tailor-made art crate, it will survive any rigors of a long journey and arrive at the destination safe and sound.

At Fine Art Shippers, we are pleased to offer a complete range of art packing and crating services and will be happy to help you ship your sculpture, no matter how oddly shaped or delicate it is. Contact us today for details!