How to Find the Best Place to Display Your Art Collection?


Fine Art Shippers understand like no other that to display and to store each specific art collection can become a real challenge. So let us give you some general guidelines that can help you to make the decision.

Firstly, the viewing room should accentuate any work of fine art by its pleasant environment. Thereby, please, pay attention to the following factors:

  • Lighting with flexible options and multiple display arrangements. In particular, one of the best solutions is a viewing room that can provide spotlights to focus on individual artworks and broader lighting arrangement to illuminate the walls.
  • As for the walls, they should be in neutral colors in order not to distract from your works.
  • Your guests and visitors should feel comfortable enjoying the art collection, so provide them with necessary furniture, for example, a coach available for seating.

The next important point is the viewing room’s physical specifications, such as:

  • Quality support. You should find the room with the art hanging system and reinforced support behind dry wall for art installation security.
  • Large Doorways. Make sure that the doorways are at least 12 feet tall, especially it is important for large sculptures or other large art pieces collections.

And finally, protect your art collection! Pay attention to:

  • Security and Privacy. Select a facility with a secure viewing room that can provide a limit access to people you specify.
  • Temperature. Always choose a room equipped with a climate-control system to maintain the integrity of the fine art works.