How to Become an Art Courier in 2022 (5 Best Tips)

How to Become an Art Courier in 2022 (5 Best Tips)

The job of an art courier is often misunderstood, as people who are foreign to art logistics don’t really grasp the idea behind this not-very-common occupation. The thing is that it is synonymous with such careers as an art handler, shipper, packer, etc. When it comes to artworks, people working in the industry should possess several important skills at the same time, which is why there may be confusion with roles. So, let’s say you want to join the caste of art couriers, then what kind of plan should you follow? The following tips will help you map out a long-term strategy to pursue your vocation.

How to Become an Art Courier in 2022 (5 Best Tips)

Know your responsibilities. This is where your journey will start. If you are savvy about your job responsibilities and requirements, you can understand what skills you need to develop first. Be very cautious with this step because having a general perception of what should be done is never enough. The higher your standards are from the very beginning, the better expert you will be.

Put theory into practice as often as you can. You can learn a lot of useful information even without becoming an art courier. And if you become a professional handler, you are going to put all the knowledge into practice to see how different techniques and methods coincide. In the end, you can choose what works best for you and use it on a daily basis.

Start small to gain valuable experience. In other words, it’s important not to bite off more than you can chew. If you are not yet good at packing big sculptures or dealing with antiques, avoid it until the moment you become confident in your skills. That’s a big responsibility for every art courier.

Invest in social skills. Why do you need social skills? It is a cornerstone of customer service, which is hugely important nowadays. Being a good communicator means that you can easily reach different clients and come to terms with them without extra stress. That’s why this skill might also grant you more orders as a result.

Never stop getting better. When you think that you know everything about the logistics, then you probably don’t. Being a handler is continuous progress. There is always a place for growth, no matter how many pieces you have transported and how many clients you have had. The industry is very diverse and changes under the influence of technology. That’s why you always want to be at the forefront.

These tips will help you organize your growth properly and choose the right priorities on your way to becoming an art courier. Good luck!