How Should I Choose the Best Transportation Means for My Artwork?


Transporting art is a sensitive process that requires tact and care. The reason is that many artworks have a value that transcends just their buying price tags. For instance, some people have a nostalgic and sentimental attachment to their pieces of fine art, meaning that even if they have the money to buy another artwork, the money will not buy back the same piece they had an emotional connection to. Take, for example, a rare piece of art someone bought at an auction. If the owner loses such a masterpiece, they will be losing memory and historical connection to that object. That is why transportation art needs careful consideration.

 The Type of Art You Want to Ship

Different types of artworks require different means of transportation. For instance, some forms of art will require you to ship them by road while others would be more ideal for air shipping.

The Urgency of the Shipping

Another factor you need to consider before choosing the right type of shipping means is the urgency of the shipment. For instance, air transport offers the fastest option if you want your artwork to arrive quickly. Also, it does not include heavy documentation the way you would encounter if you were to go for water transportation art options. Besides, air transport offers you reliable arrival and departure times, and hence, allowing you to know the exact time your recipient should be getting the parcel.

The Fragility of the Artwork

The fragility of the artwork should also inform your choice. If you are transporting highly fragile and expensive artworks, then it is better you ship them using a plane because air transport is safer than land and water.

The Cost of the Medium

If you have budgetary concerns or constraints, you should choose your transport mode based on its affordability since various means will charge you differently. Therefore, do your homework well before deciding.

Size and Weight

Lastly, you should consider the size and bulk of the artwork. If you intend to ship heavy and larger pieces of art, then water transport would do best for you even though you will forfeit speed.

Choosing the most appropriate means of transportation art for your artwork requires careful consideration. By following the guidelines we have shared in this post, you should be able to make the best decision in getting the right shippers for your artwork.