How Can Our Art Shuttle Guarantee Safe Wine Transportation?

How Can Our Art Shuttle Guarantee Safe Wine Transportation?

Wine bottles are made of glass, which makes them pretty vulnerable in transportation. Besides, a bottle of old, exquisite wine can cost a fortune, representing an object that has to be packaged and transferred with due care. That’s why Fine Art Shippers, a company specializing in handling delicate and precious fine art objects, has launched a new service – professional and careful wine delivery by our specially equipped art shuttle. Read on to find out all the details of collectible wine handling and shipping by our team.

Preparation for Wine Transportation by an Art Shuttle

Relocating your wine collection or getting a new acquisition from the seller is a tedious task that requires thorough preparation before you even start thinking about the specialized art shuttle. Here are the main points to consider before moving your precious collectible wine.

Appraise Your Property

Whether it’s a single bottle you’re buying or selling or an entire collection you need to relocate, expert appraisal of its value is a must. Anything can happen in transit, and you should be fully confident that your property is under thorough insurance protection throughout the whole transportation process.

Thus, we recommend partnering with a qualified wine appraiser and insuring your belongings. Take photos of the bottles’ condition before they are packaged and compare them with what you receive upon delivery; it’s important to have evidence of the bottles’ original state for assessment.

Package the Bottles Correctly

Regular packing boxes are not suitable for collectible wine, as the risks of damage are too high. Instead, it would be best to use special wine packing boxes enhanced with Styrofoam and cardboard inserts. These additional safety measures will keep bottles from breaking and shocks in transit.

Position the Bottles Properly

There are several approaches to bottle positioning in transit. Some wine experts recommend keeping the corks wet, which is possible by upside-down positioning or laying the bottles on their sides for transfer in an art shuttle. However, this rule applies only to bottles that used to be stored this way; old bottles that were stored upright should be transported the same way to avoid leakage through a dry cork.

The Right Environment

An essential aspect of wine transportation is to keep the temperature and humidity parameters stable. This is what our art shuttle guarantees, as it’s specifically equipped for handling delicate fine art. Therefore, the trucks have a climate control system and are fully light-proof, ensuring that your collectible wine gets to the destination point intact.