Here Are the Benefits of Using Our Climate-Controlled Artwork Storage

We appreciate the beauty and value of your various forms of fine art. Whether the fine art is a painting, a sculpture, or a drawing, we would like you to enjoy its esthetic and financial value for long. As a shipping vendor, one of the things that we would like to protect your artwork against is hostile weather elements. For instance, temperature and humidity fluctuations are leading sources of destruction to artwork. But with our climatecontrolled storage, we can assure you that your artware will remain safe in summer and winter. In the remaining sections of this post, you will find the benefits of using our storage services.

No Molding

One of the biggest threats to artworks when they are exposed to fluctuating temperatures is mold. When left uncontrolled, mold can destroy art paper, canvas, and paint, leading to irreparable damage to the pieces of art under storage. In addition, mold can stain your artwork if you don’t store it well. But with our services, you can be sure that your precious artworks will be free from all these destructive effects.

No Cracking

Another damage our superior storage services will protect your artwork against is cracking. If you are dealing with painting, fluctuating humidity and temperatures can cause cracks in your artwork, leading to the loss of their beauty and overall value. By entrusting your artwork into our hightech storage facilities, you can be sure of enjoying and benefiting from them longer.

No Twisted Dimensions

Do you know hostile humidity and temperature levels are the leading causes of twisted dimensions in artworks? Definitely, you wouldn’t like your artwork to be a part of the statistics, you can take advantage of our exceptional storage. When you use our storage facilities, you will secure your art pieces against warping and fiber breaking that lead to a negative change in the artwork’s dimensions. Also, your artwork will remain safe from the loss of surface material.

No Chemical Reactions

The last benefit your fine art will enjoy from our storage facilities is that they will not get exposed to chemical reactions. For instance, if you are storing metal or metal-framed artworks, they will not corrode due to high heat and moisture.

You enjoy all these benefits when you store your artwork with a shipping vendor who cares about the safety of your artware. Try ours today.