The Main Enemies of an Art Mover in New York City

The Main Enemies of an Art Mover in New York City

Being an art handler in one of the most hectic cities in the world is not easy. New York City is a wild beast, and to tame it, one has to be resilient, flexible, and dedicated to what they do. That is not to mention the skill set required to safely and promptly transport artwork within the Big Apple. This is why the Fine Art Shippers team of art handlers is perfectly equipped to face any challenge that comes our way. So, what are the main enemies of an NYC art mover, and how do we handle them?

The Main Enemies of an Art Mover in New York City


One of the biggest enemies of art movers in NYC is traffic. The city is notorious for its heavy traffic, which can make it challenging to transport artwork quickly and safely. Art movers must carefully plan their routes and take into account factors such as road closures, construction, and other obstacles that could cause delays. Thankfully, the Fine Art Shippers team consists of experienced drivers and art handlers who always do everything in their power to deliver our clients’ possessions on time.


Another major enemy of art movers in New York is the weather. The city experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year, from extreme heat and humidity in the summer to freezing temperatures and snow in the winter. Since we have been delivering valuables across New York and the US for over twenty-five years, we are fully prepared to protect fragile artworks and antiques in any climate. Our vehicles are equipped to securely shield our clients’ possessions from harmful outside influences all year round.


In addition to traffic and weather, art handlers in the Big Apple must also consider art security concerns. To minimize the risks of theft or damage, they must work closely with clients to develop security plans. Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we take a variety of measures, such as outfitting our vehicles with high-end alarms, locking mechanisms, and real-time tracking systems, to ensure the utmost protection of valuables throughout the transportation process.

Being an art mover in NYC is not easy, but we can proudly say that Fine Art Shippers has mastered the craft of safe, efficient, and secure artwork transportation. To learn more about our company and the services we offer, reach out to us directly.