Fine Art Shippers Ships Art From the Leading US Auction Houses

Fine Art Shippers Ship Art From the Leading US Auction Houses

Fine art auction houses are some of the most valuable sources of exclusive items, rarities, antique furniture, fine and decorative arts. With each new year, more and more art collectors and dealers tend to buy collectible art at auctions. It comes as no surprise that art packing and shipping service demand is growing simultaneously with the development of the art auction market. For Fine Art Shippers, auction houses have always been an essential part of our clientele. Nowadays, we ship art from the leading US auction houses and are glad to offer our help to auctioneers and bidders.

Fine Art Shippers Ships Art From the Leading US Auction Houses

If you plan to buy fine art at auctions, you will need to hire an art logistics company in advance. With the help of professional art movers, you will be able to deliver your newly bought valuables to your home, art storage warehouse, or any other place. It’s up to you what art shipping company to choose, but as practice shows, only well-experienced staff can cope with various shipping tasks without botching up the whole thing.

What do you get by hiring Fine Art Shippers? We have been diligently doing our job for 25 years now. Whether you want to bid at a local or national art auction, we can ship your purchase from any auction house in the country. Furthermore, we are on the list of shippers of some reputable US auction houses such as Doyle, Leonard Auction, Shapiro Auctions, and Auctions at Showplace, among others.

To let us help you ship your fine art and antiques from the US auction houses, you should first get in touch with our team. Consider requesting a free shipping quote or contacting our helpful managers via email/phone. We will get back to you with the most attractive offers as soon as possible.