Collection Management Services: Who Needs Them and How to Find Them

Collection Management Services: Who Needs Them and How to Find Them

Art collecting is increasingly becoming more and more accessible to people of various backgrounds. Because of that, we can see new art logistics services at various price points rapidly emerging on the market. As a beginner collector, the amount of unfamiliar terminology can be overwhelming. We are here to tell you about art collection management services and why you might benefit from enlisting their help.

Collection Management Services: Who Needs Them and How to Find Them

What is art collection management?

Collection management is a service that helps you take care of your art collection. It usually entails inventorization and condition maintenance, but it can also include additional services required to keep your collectibles safe.

Here are the three signs it is time to hire an art collecting management service.

1. Your collection has grown significantly

Life gets in the way: it is common for art collectors to lose track of their collections when overwhelmed with work and daily obligations. If you realize that your collection has grown in the past year and struggle to take adequate care of it, it might be the perfect time to look into an art collection management service.

2. Your collection is highly valuable

The value of artwork is usually determined by professional art appraisers. However, experts only look at numbers assigned by the market. They do not account for the sentimental and emotional value those pieces might have to you. The monetary value of your precious collection should not determine whether it deserves care and attention. If you want to ensure that the things that are important to you age gracefully, an art collection management service is for you.

3. You ran out of storage space

There will inevitably come a time when you realize that your collection has exceeded the size of your at-home storage space or studio. In that case, you might want to opt for the help of a professional art storage facility. But did you know that art storage facilities often provide art collection management services? Once you submit your artwork collection to a storage facility, it becomes the responsibility of the company that provides the storage space. From there, highly trained art handlers will take care of your pieces, ensuring they are stored according to their specific requirements.

Art collection management by Fine Art Shippers

Whether you are an emerging artist or a seasoned collector, you can benefit from our professional art collection management service. Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we can accommodate a collection of any size and find a solution that will meet your needs perfectly. Contact us today to learn more.