Foolproof Tricks to Slash Shipping Fares

For any business that ships goods, shipping fares are a key component of its marketing costs and overall cost of doing business.  However, it is always best to find ways of minimizing those costs to raise overall profit levels. In the remaining portions of this post, we shall explore tips that will help you to reduce your air or sea transportation expenses.

 Negotiate with Competitors

The first trick to help you reduce your shipping expenses is knowing how to negotiate with competing service providers. It is advantageous if you negotiate with stiff competitors and make them know you intend to move with their competitors if they give you a better deal. Definitely, such a move will assist you to get a favorable long-term contractual agreement that binds the supplier. In this case, they will be bound legally and commercially because if they break the agreement, they risk legal action, and worse still, the upshot of losing a client. With such a smart contract in place, you can negotiate special discounts that will give you operational stability.

Try Online Shipping

Do you still want to cut down on your shipping fares? Then take advantage of online fine art shipping services by paying for your shipping online and save up to 16 percent on priority mail orders. Moreover, you enjoy free pickup services by paying for your US Mail shipping services.

Use the Carrier’s Packaging

Another trick that will help you to save on your shipping costs is packing your items in the carrier’s packaging. If you exceed their prescribed dimensions, you will incur extra expenses.

Sign up for UPS CONNECT

To save more money on shipping fares, you can sign up for UPS CONNECT. This service is designed for small businesses, and it allows companies to enjoy a 10% shipping discount for all ground shipments and a 20% discount for shipping via air and internationally.

Utilize Prepaid Shipping

Lastly, you can save on your shipping costs by using prepaid shipping, which lets you enjoy up to a 20% discount. You only need to buy shipping labels in advance and paste them on your cargo when sending it. However, this option is ideal if you send out regularly and have fixed cargo weights.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of the best shipping services at reduced costs? If you do, choose the ideal options that work best for you.