Foam Core Boxes for Art Packing? Why Not?

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You may be surprised, but custom-made white foam core boxes are truly a good decision for art packing when it comes to sensitive and valuable items like jewelry, gems, antique firearms, masks, musical instruments, some sculptures, fossils, china, textiles, and other fine art objects. Moreover, depending upon the type of contents and certain conditions, such boxes can be easily used for art handling and shipping by themselves. In other cases, foam core boxes are additionally packed into another custom-made box, bin, or museum crate for transportation. Besides, they can be simply used to keep small fine art objects within the bigger box secure and, what is also important, correctly oriented.

Here are just some of the main advantages of white foam core boxes:

– they are more rigid than cardboard boxes while their exterior is more attractive and clean;

– the cost of a foam core box is very attractive compared to wooden custom crates;

– they are easy to see and inventory and, therefore, they will never be overlooked when unpacking;

– they can be used for clear separation and enhanced protection of multiple fine art objects within larger boxes;

– you can label them with safety instructions, as well as affix some photos to the exterior to confirm specific content;

– their interior can be fitted with a range of options starting from simple foam for stable fine art objects to cavity packs;

– they are easy to handle, open, and re-pack;

– they fully protect fine art pieces from debris and dust;

– there is a great variety of available constructions, including side opening and top opening boxes;

– foam core material can be cut to almost any size to fit the particular fine art object.

In addition to all this, white foam core boxes allow for the inclusion of not only careful labeling but also detailed unpacking instructions that can be written right on them with a marker. Why are they so important for fine art shipping and packing? Experienced art shipping companies know that so-called “damage in transit,” in fact, occurs not during actual freighting or transportation of fine art objects. The truth is that it often occurs during packing, re-packing, and unpacking processes. So the more detailed instructions you have, the better. That is why white foam core boxes fit like no other for careful art transportation. The placement of hinges, affixed handles, folded tape, labeling – all this serves for the box to be opened only one way, thus providing its content with greater protection. Thereby, when it comes to shipping valuable or delicate fine art objects, custom-made foam core boxes with clear labeling and unpacking instructions are a good option for both, professional art shipping companies and customers, who certainly appreciate “white glove” moving services with attention to every little detail.