Five Things You Need to Know About Fine Art Crating Services

Five Things You Need to Know About Fine Art Crating Services

What do you imagine when you hear the word “crate”? Do you imagine a wooden box used for decorative purposes or to store fruits and vegetables? Some crates are definitely like that, but the kind we are talking about today is a little different. Turns out, wooden crates are often used to transport valuable works of art and antiques across the world. But will any type of crate suffice? And how do you even know when to get one? We will try answering these and other questions you might have before opting for a fine art crating service.

Five Things You Need to Know About Fine Art Crating Services

Crates are the sturdiest art packaging you can get

Art shipping crates are normally made from wood that is quite light but sturdy. They are much better suited for transporting fragile valuables across long distances than soft cardboard boxes.

Crates are not always necessary

Fine art crating is such a secure option that you might want to crate every single one of your belongings before shipping. However, there are plenty of items that can be transported just as safely in a simple cardboard box. For example, small paintings or prints can be shipped using a soft pack. After all, art crates can be rather expensive due to their complex construction.

There are different types of crates for different types of items

No work of art is the same, and neither are the crates used to ship them. There are many variations of a wooden crate that differentiate in function, construction, weight, cost, and other characteristics.

Crates are great for shipping long-distance

Crating your precious artwork before sending it on a road trip across the country or shipping it to another country is a great way to ensure everything arrives in one piece. Of course, a lot of things come into play here, from the amount of experience your art shipping company has to the quality of services it offers.

Crates must be built professionally

You might have seen people online building art shipping crates on their own. However, we do not recommend doing that when dealing with expensive high-value pieces, especially if you lack experience.

Opting for professional fine art crating services is a foolproof way to avoid mishaps when shipping your prized possessions. Expert art shippers have the knowledge and skills to build a crate that will suit your items best and make sure they are delivered on time and in perfect condition.