Fine Art Storage vs Humidity: Tips for Artists Who Live in Florida

Fine Art Storage vs Humidity: Tips for Artists Who Live in Florida

Florida is an amazing place to live. It has a very soft climate, with sun shining pretty much all year round and temperature never falling lower than around 40°F. Florida’s location near the water and the warm climate make it a great vacation place but can also create difficulties for local artists. High humidity can damage works of art and cause them to deteriorate over time. This is especially true for paintings, drawings, and other works on paper. Artists who live in Florida have to be careful when putting their pieces away for long-term storage. In this blog post, we will discuss some fine art storage tips that will help Floridians protect their art.

Fine Art Storage vs Humidity: Tips for Artists Who Live in Florida

Use a dehumidifier

The first and most important thing in fine art storage is control of the humidity levels. Dehumidifiers are life-savers when it comes to highly humid climates. Removing excess moisture from the air will help prevent mold and other moisture-related bacteria from growing on your precious works of art. Humidity levels must be consistent, so keep the dehumidifier on at all times. Besides, avoid storing artwork directly on the floor, as the ground is often the place that retains the most moisture.

Inspect artwork regularly

It is crucial to inspect your artwork regularly. Look for signs of mold, mildew, discoloration, and other damage, and immediately take action If you notice any issues. If you let the damage get really bad, you might not be able to save your artwork.

Seek professional assistance

If you are not sure how to properly store or care for your art collection, it is always better to seek professional assistance. There are many art conservation services and art storage facilities in Florida, which can help you protect your artwork. These professionals have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that your artwork is handled properly.

If you follow the tips we listed in this blog post, you will be able to protect your art collection from humidity and its consequences with no issues. Here, at Fine Art Shippers, we work with clients from Florida all the time, so you can rest assured we know everything about handling artwork in humid climates. Contact us to get a free shipping quote!