Three Signs of a Secure Art Storage Facility to Look Out For

Three Signs of a Secure Art Storage Facility to Look Out For

We talk a lot about security when discussing fine art storage. But what makes a secure art storage facility? Let’s discuss how to spot a trustworthy fine art storage service.

Three Signs of a Secure Art Storage Facility to Look Out For

Reliable security systems

Art storage facilities sometimes keep millions of dollars worth of valuables under their roof. Having efficient security systems in place is a must for any respectable fine art storage. That includes technology like CCTV cameras, alarms, and access control. In addition, all fine art storage spaces must be equipped with fire alarms. Ideally, pre-action dry-line fire suppression is the best for putting out fire while causing as little damage to valuables as possible.

Regular check-ups

Even the best security systems can go out of order, and professional art handlers understand that well. Thus, regular check-ups should be a necessary part of fine art storage maintenance. It is crucial to ensure that the art storage units are in great shape at all times. Experts working at art storage facilities must take notice of any pipe leaks, mold, signs of pest or insect infestation, or other maintenance issues and take immediate action.

Knowledgeable staff

While art storage security is highly automated nowadays, people still play an irreplaceable role in making sure it functions as it is supposed to. Without the expertise and skill of art storage workers, keeping thousands of artworks in prime condition would be impossible. When choosing an art storage facility, always make sure that the staff working there is personable, responsive, and, above all, experienced in what they do.

Where to look for secure fine art storage facilities?

Big city dwellers have a large variety of art storage facilities to choose from. If you live in a small town or rural area, the quest to find a perfect art storage space might not be as easy. We recommend that you look up art storage in your area by simply typing “art storage near me” in your browser search bar and go from there. Make sure that the company of your choice meets the criteria we listed above, and you are all set.

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