The Best Way to Ship Artwork to Florida: Consolidated Art Shuttles

The Best Way to Ship Artwork to Florida

Florida is one of the biggest art world centers in the United States. It is no wonder that there are so many people looking for the best way to ship artwork to this state. Whether you live across the country from Florida or just a couple of miles away, you want to ensure your valuables are always taken care of. This is why Fine Art Shippers offers art shuttle services to clients who need to transport fine art to Florida and nearby areas. Keep reading to find out more about our art shuttles and what makes them so popular among our clients.

The Best Way to Ship Artwork to Florida: Consolidated Art Shuttles

Florida is known for its humid climate, which is artwork’s worst enemy. To protect precious items from damage, we transport them in special art trucks and use waterproof sealed packaging. Artworks are always properly secured in the vehicle, so no bumps or unevenness in the road’s surface can affect your possessions. Fine Art Shippers guarantees optimal protection of your valuables at a reasonable cost.

Of course, great prices are not the only reason our art shuttle services are the best way to ship artwork across the country, but they are certainly among them. How do you save money when shipping your belongings with our art shuttles? The fact is that we transport several orders at a time, thus utilizing fewer resources like fuel.

Another reason why Fine Art Shippers’ clients choose our art shuttles is that they are regular and flexible at the same time. Because art logistics services are in high demand in Florida, we visit this part of the country every 2-3 weeks. We post our approximate art shuttle schedules online, but you can always contact us if you want our shuttle to stop at your location. While we keep our schedule flexible, we will never compromise your comfort. You can trust Fine Art Shippers to deliver your valuables on time anywhere in Florida.

Are you looking for the best way to ship artwork to Florida or anywhere in the United States? You will never regret opting for Fine Art Shippers’ efficient and secure art shuttle services.