Fine Art Shippers in the List of Drop Shippers of Auction Houses

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Fine art shipment is a very challenging task to do. Art connoisseurs know that it is important to entrust it to highly qualified shipping companies. Today, it is simple to purchase different pieces of art, for example, in auction houses, specialized shops, or even online. These merchants and companies have their own list of drop shippers that can store, deliver and relocate the purchased pieces of art to protect them from damages.

Auction Houses and List of Drop Shippers

Fine Art Shippers cooperates with different galleries, auction houses, and fine art stores in New York City. Here are several auctions and galleries that trust us and include our company in the list of drop shippers they recommend to their clients:

  • Shapiro Auctions

It is one of the most famous auction houses located in the very heart of New York. Although it was founded only ten years ago, in 2007, the range of artworks offered by Shapiro Auctions boggles the imagination. It includes paintings, rare books and manuscripts, sculptures, etc. In collaboration with Shapiro Auctions, our company has organized a great number of local and overseas relocations of fine art items.

  • Jackson’s International Auctioneers

This is one of the biggest auction houses in the USA. Founded in 1969, it currently has 13 operating departments. Moreover, this organization not only sells but also appraises different pieces of art. Fine Art Shippers organizes packing, crating, and transportation of items bought at Jackson’s auctions.

  • The Russian Store of Orthodox icons

This store was founded in 1994, and it is famous for selling Russian Orthodox icons and other religious artifacts known all over the world. Many pieces of religious art are antique, and this fact means that they need special handling. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a good art shipping company like Fine Art Shippers to deliver them safe and sound.

  • Galeyev Gallery

This gallery located in the heart of Moscow specializes in exhibitions of Russian artworks created before World War II. In collaboration with this gallery, we performed a great number of overseas fine art relocations to the USA and other countries.

Fine Art Shippers is included in the list of drop shippers with an untarnished reputation among art connoisseurs from all over the world. Our company provides such services as packing, crating, unpacking, transportation, etc. By choosing Fine Art Shippers, you may be sure that your valuable items will be safely delivered to the destination.