Fine Art Moving Cost: How to Calculate

Moving Cost

Art pieces are unique items that require professional handling. If you are going to relocate to a new home, you should calculate the expenses. The moving cost may vary depending on the distance and the type of art you possess. Below we’ve covered some of the key factors that affect the moving cost.

Fine Art Moving Cost: How to Calculate

The value of your art collection

The first factor you need to consider before moving is the value of your art. If you own precious and expensive items, their insurance and appraisal will cost much more. If your belongings are lost or damaged in transit, repairing or replacing them will be more costly.

Is it fragile?

Think about how fragile your artwork is. It is a critical factor in calculating the moving cost. If you are transporting, for example, an extremely delicate and oddly shaped sculpture, its packing will cost more. Professionals use different quality materials to fully protect the piece from possible motions or bumps on the road. One of them is a custom-built wooden shipping crate with sturdy walls, which can provide additional protection to the artwork.

The size of your fine art

The size and volume of your art play a key role in determining the final moving charges. Of course, the cost of moving one small painting and the cost of moving a large collection of antiques are not the same. The larger and heavier the item, the more time the movers will take to pack and load it into the truck. The cost also includes special equipment for a safe and smooth workflow.

These were the basic factors you should consider when calculating a moving cost. Remember that valuable art items should get the right expert treatment, meaning that you should choose trusted art movers to handle your belongings. Fine Art Shippers is one of the leading art moving companies in New York, so feel free to contact our team for help.